What to Include and What to Leave Out of Board Meeting Minutes

When writing board meeting minutes, it’s important to be objective. The minutes can then be used as an evidence document to show that the meeting actually took place and that decisions were made. Incorporating opinions into the notes can make them appear unbalanced and provoke suspicion from those who are involved, legal entities and even future board members. It is important to understand what information to include and which to exclude in the minutes.

In general the minutes of board meetings should only document the details and decisions that were made during the board meeting. They should not contain personal or solitary opinions, like how the chair of the board hit on her desk to make her point. It hop over to this website is also best not to mention individuals in the discussion, unless there is a motion to be made. The board should be aware of who proposed the motion and who voted to second it, as well as the amount of votes cast for, against or abstaining.

You should also record any new guests or attendees. This will help keep track of people who are attending in person or remotely. It’s also a good idea to state the beginning and end times of the meeting, as well as the date and time of the next meeting. The board members are busy, so establishing a date and time for the meeting helps everyone keep track of the meeting.

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