The Benefits of a Board Portal Solution

A well-chosen solution for board portals provides a variety of benefits to organizations looking to improve meeting workflows, collaborate confidently with secure features, and improve governance. It is essential to review each feature thoroughly and not be over-engineered with features that could increase the cost of an option. It is also essential that the vendor of your board portal have a good reputation and provide responsive customer service when issues arise. Asking potential vendors for feedback and references from clients who have used their software successfully in the past can be useful.

Streamlined Meeting Process

Modern portals enable board members to access agendas, documents meetings, meeting notifications, and board packs on their tablets and smartphones. They allow for online note-taking and direct messaging between board members about specific topics. All communications are secure logged on the portal. Meeting minutes are automatically created from these discussions, and it’s simple to add electronic signatures to any of the documents of your board.

Board members can also note notes on documents prior to a meeting to better prepare for and participate in the discussion. Meetings can also be conducted in a hybrid format, in person or via virtual. The capability to create boards from these meetings is vital, as is the option to have copies of previous meetings updated automatically when lines change. In addition, the ability to conduct a post-meeting debrief lets leaders decide the best path for the next steps and also to document any negotiated decisions.

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