Nonprofit Governance Models

There comes a point in every nonprofit where founders recognize they need guidance, direction, and pairs of hands. This is when many set up a board of directors. But not all boards work in the same way. In fact, there are many governance models that you can use to ensure that your charitable organization is properly run and meets its stated purpose.

The advisory model is among the most well-known models for governance of nonprofits. This allows an executive director to speak with a panel of advisors frequently for advice on how to run a non-profit. The governing board could be different from the advisory board based on the conditions agreed upon. The cooperative governance model is a common model. It is a democratic structure that distributes power equally among board members and works best for organizations that aren’t required by law to have the CEO.

The Policy Board Model has also been gaining popularity. This governance model was developed by John Carver and is a ideal tool for establishing guidelines that management and the board have to adhere to.

Although all of them are excellent models, they may not be the perfect fit for your nonprofit. It is common for non-profit organizations to utilize a central governance model, to which they can add other models to meet their unique needs. This combination of systems helps your organization flourish and achieve its goals.

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