How to Secure Files When Sharing Files Between Companies

As more businesses adopt flexible working and hybrid work, sharing files online is a vital method of collaboration. What can you do to ensure that your files will be transferred safely? And which are the best tools for sharing files?

File sharing is the transfer of digital files from one computer or device to another. It could be anything from images and text documents to videos and music. It’s important to choose the best file sharing software since it will help you achieve more efficiency and lessen delays in your workflow. Additionally, a lot of business files contain sensitive information that could end up in the unintentional hands if they are not secured properly.

Sharing files online can be done via cloud storage platforms, such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and Microsoft OneDrive, P2P networks, FTP servers, or a mapped drive within your network. After uploading, users can access files by way of a link or invitation, and these links could be accessible to the public, restricted to only certain people, or password-protected. You can also share files with colleagues via instant messaging software or collaborative tools.

You should consider a program that has two-factor verification (2FA) (new window) in case you are looking for the most reliable file sharing software online. This protects your account from the access of anyone who is able to guess or discover your password. Also, only give your files to people who need them. Do not give anyone access to the entire folder of your company when they only need to go through three documents, for instance.

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