How to Have a Great Board Meeting

It is a fact that planning the board meeting can take an enormous amount of time and can be a hassle. Your meetings can turn into a waste of time and productivity in the absence of focus, structure or energy. If you want to have an effective board meeting there are a few easy steps you can do to ensure your directors are engaged and taking part.

Evaluate Your Meetings at Least once a year

The process of collecting feedback is one the most effective methods to improve the quality of meetings. After a few meetings invite your board members to take two sticky notes and write «+» on the parts that were successful and «-» on the areas that could be improved. Then, ask them to stick the notes on a poster that they can place next to the door so that everyone can see what needs to be altered.

Control Your Time

Keep your meetings as short as you can so that you have enough time for genuine discussions and decision-making. Avoid putting lengthy reports or «have to» items on your agenda. Instead of discussing the details that has already been circulated in your board’s book you might consider breaking it down into smaller discussion topics or letting your directors conduct their own research prior to attending the meeting with questions ready to discuss.

Board meetings are a fantastic way to motivate your team and make them feel excited. Incorporating «mission moments» to the meetingwhich is when your board members can listen to testimonials or hear stories about how your organization has made an impact on the lives of people could be a huge energy boost for the entire group.

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