How to Get the Most Out of Your Board Meeting Process

Board meetings can last a long duration and require you spend a significant portion of your time watching reports or discussing them. Depending on the way you conduct your board meetings, it is possible that there isn’t enough time to take decisions.

Making the most of your board meetings requires organization and discipline. This means creating an agenda, setting up meeting spaces and dispersing all relevant materials prior the meeting. This will allow your board members to look up opinions, prepare for the meeting and ask questions. Then, when the discussions begin, they arrive with a good level of knowledge and confidence that they are contributing to the end result.

The officer will greet guests with a warm message of warm welcome. The chair addresses old or new business in order. The board’s previous business is made up of items that were previously discussed and either accepted or rejected. New business refers to anything the board hasn’t discussed before and is currently considering for approval. Other business may include unscheduled tasks like appointing committees or making director appointments.

Once the discussion is concluded the chairman puts all motions to a vote. This includes modifying the articles of incorporation, authorizing certain transactions, and ratifying the decisions made by directors. It also involves choosing strategies and approving plans of actions. It is helpful to set KPIs that align with the goals of your business and quantifiable in order to assist your board in deciding on its strategy. These KPIs will be used to determine the effectiveness of any strategy that your board is contemplating.

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