How to Choose the Right Board Member

Choosing the right board member is a crucial decision in the creation of your business structure. The board of directors is the face of your company and the actions of the directors can influence the way you conduct business. If a member of the board becomes difficult to reach, fails to take part in meetings, or has an egregious discord with your values or with the other members of the board, it may be time to reconsider replacing them.

A good board member is one who shares the vision of your organization. Being passionate about the issues your organization is addressing will keep them committed to their role long after the initial excitement of becoming a board member has faded. They should also possess a certain level of browse this site business or organizational proficiency and be familiar with the principles of good business practices.

You should look for people with diverse ages, ethnicities, skills and backgrounds to fill your board. This will give your board a diverse perspective and the ability to present new perspectives to your leadership. Board members should also be willing to play the devil’s advocate role and challenge assumptions even if the assumptions are based on their own personal experience.

Ask potential board members to say how much time they are willing to commit to the board’s work as well as the work of its committees. Many people who are interested in joining a committee underestimate the commitment required to perform the role. When vetting them make sure you find other commitments which may interfere in their ability to be a part of your board.

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