How to Build Strong Nonprofit Boards

Nonprofit boards provide the legal, ethical and practical framework for nonprofits to operate within. They are vital for the growth of the organization and the communities they serve. It is crucial to choose the best candidates for board members and to let them know of their roles, and to provide them with tools that will assist them in their success including job descriptions and remote board management software. With these items in place, you can be certain that your board members are meeting their essential responsibilities and paving the way for your goals.

A solid nonprofit board is comprised of dedicated individuals who care deeply about the mission of the organization. They’re eager to donate their time and resources and recognize the importance of making an impact in the world.

While federal law doesn’t directly define how a nonprofit’s board should be structured, it does expect this fiduciary authority to function as the organization’s gatekeeper. The board is responsible to ensure that the resources of the charity are utilized in a way that is ethical and there aren’t any conflicts of interests, including improper private inurement. In addition, the board must be aware of state-level «Sunshine Laws» and other regulations that govern the manner in which nonprofits conduct business.

It is essential that your nonprofit board includes a range of expertise and experience. The board of directors for your organization should consist of experienced professionals in the community in which the nonprofit operates and younger individuals who bring a fresh perspective to the table.

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