Dealing With Board Directors

Boards of directors are essential in ensuring that nonprofit organizations are held accountable for their fiduciary duties and strategic direction. They are a group who possess a wide range of experiences and backgrounds to make decisions about the direction of an organization. Unfortunately there are many boards that don’t function smoothly. This is largely due to a lack of planning, communication and training.

If a particular board member’s behavior has caused a significant amount of friction in the Board, it may be an appropriate time to tackle the issue. The director’s actions, no matter if it is violent, divisive or excessive, can be detrimental to the mission of the organization.

Dealing with difficult board members starts with direct intervention. The chair of the board should sit down with the individual and explain that their behavior is unacceptable and needs to change. Remind them that they were selected by the board due to their experience and skills and that it is the best interest of everyone to perform their duties effectively.

The next step is to gather facts and documentation about the conduct of the board member who has caused the issue. A code of conduct is a great way to prevent bad behavior because it establishes the expectations of board members.

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