Common Mistakes to Avoid in Your Board Reports

Your board report is essential to keeping your board members updated on all of the important happenings since the last meeting. A well-crafted and concise report on your board will help to improve the overall performance of your organization and enable you to deliver the best possible results for your customers.

Many companies struggle to create the perfect board report that will be adored by their clients. A poorly written report for the board can lead to ineffective decision-making, confusion and confusion about your organization’s direction. Avoid these common mistakes to ensure your board reports are efficient and efficient.

Inadequately presenting an executive summary: The executive summary is an essential element of your board report. It provides your board with the background and the key points of each slide in your report, making it easier for them to understand and absorb the information you’re providing.

Presenting only good news: Presenting only positive information in your board reports is misleading to the board and could influence their decision-making significantly. A good board report is honest and contains both successes and failures to provide a well-rounded, balanced assessment.

Failing to include committee reports by not mentioning the status of each committee in your report, you’ll keep your board members updated on the latest developments as well as any issues that may arise.

Visuals are essential your board members will be more engaged with your report when you include infographics, images, and tables. Visual information is processed more efficiently by the human brain than text on its own. Include some form of visualisation into your board reports.

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