Business Development and Cyber Technologies

Business development and cyber technologies are two practices that help organizations develop and grow. However, businesses need to implement these systems and practices cautiously and with a sense of urgency, since they are susceptible to cyberattacks.

Business Development

A major component of business development is identifying new opportunities, developing and maintaining connections with customers, entering strategic partnerships, and creating plans to boost profits. These initiatives comprehensive guide to virtual room costs can impact virtually every department of a business from sales to marketing.

The right team is crucial for the success of business development. Successful teams are typically defined by leadership abilities driven, vision and drive and the ability to work with diverse people. They are able to clarify issues, set reasonable deadlines, control resources effectively and monitor the progress of their work to ensure timely completion. They must also adhere to the highest standards of integrity, morality, and confidentiality.


Federal agencies are required to continually adjust their cybersecurity strategies to keep up with the rapid pace of technology advancements. However the same technology that enhances the individual experience could expose organizations’ due diligence information at risk of data breaches and malicious activity. Therefore, the government needs to balance new technology deployments with appropriate risk-taking and training for its employees.

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