13 Ways to Run Successful Remote Meetings

Remote meetings are a crucial part of collaboration, particularly for teams with multiple locations. However, they are less effective than in-person meetings if you don’t follow the proper etiquette for meetings. Fortunately, a lot of the same methods that help make meetings more productive and fun in person can be applied to virtual meetings. Here are 13 strategies to conduct successful remote meetings, from members of Forbes Coaches Council:

1. Use an agenda.

To avoid being lost in the conversation, you should begin your meeting with an organized agenda. If you are able, draft an agenda with input from the attendees and then present it at first.

2. Encourage everyone to speak out.

Some people are reluctant to attend online meetings because they fear that they will be interrupted. To combat this, think about using a conference call with a special microphone and camera. This can help block out background noises and also amplify everyone’s voice equally. Ask for questions or comments after the meeting, so that everyone can be heard.

3. Prioritize action items and follow-up.

Meetings usually end with vague action items, and no clear plan of follow-up. To avoid this, you must decide the way actions will be documented and followed-up upon at the start of a meeting. Then, you can review the actions at the end of the meeting. You can also set up one-onone follow-up meetings or a group session with a realistic timeframe.


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